Cardiologist Finds Natural Energy "Fix"?

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Dr. Steven Gundry: Respected heart surgeon and author of "Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution."

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Customer Reviews

Vital Reds has helped me feel better. Given me back some of my energy. I Iove the product. I am 66 years old and was feeling wiped out every day. I'm still working and usually lots of extra hours. Now I can do other things besides work, come home and go to bed. Thank you.

Nancy C.

I was a former health care professional as an RN for 30 years. Extremely nutritious conscious and big skeptic on supplements. But honestly, after reviewing these ingredients, the quality of this formula is impressive. I'm taking it as well as my wife. The taste is a bit tart but palatable. I've researched the ingredients in this product extensively, and the quality is "spot on" and it is the only supplement I have added to my multi-vitamins routine and plan on staying on this product.


Great product. I have been taking it for one and a half months now, and all my joint pain is gone, I have energy, I exercise more, and I feel very vibrant in general. Before, I could hardly get up in the morning due to the fact that I felt like I did not get enough sleep, and now I sleep and wake feeling very refreshed. I can't believe that this product exists and that it is not addictive, it is, however, a good habit to form since the product is actually helpful.

Diane L.
New York

Since I have been taking this, I feel so much more energy, and it has eliminated my constipation. I will continue using this product. I am 62 years old, and I do Zumba five days a week. Before I started using Vital Reds, I do not have the energy to do it.

Deborah W.

I have many things going on with my health, so I figured I will give this a try. "Wow" is how I'm feeling. It has helped me in so many ways. My son was so impressed with how much it was helping me that he ordered it and is now using it too. I also have other friends who said they are interested in trying, The pains have calmed down, and the energy is much better. All I know is I'm feeling better, and that's a good thing! Thank you doctor!

Steven C.

I've been drinking Vital Reds for the last three months. I simply love it. My skin looks great, and I have more energy. I can't wait to try the other products! I highly recommend Vital Reds!


My skin is not as dry and wrinkled, my energy level is up, I sleep better, and I have longer, fuller hair. I am so pleased with Vital Reds and I plan to always take it. I am on my second jar. Love, love, love, love this product.

Delores D.

I started taking Vital Reds four weeks ago. I simply put one scoop into a bottle of water or mix with my morning protein shake. It has a fresh and vitalizing berry taste. I feel refreshed for hours. Increased mental clarity, sleep better, and have more energy. It's definitely worth the money. I didn't notice any immediate changes, they were gradual and started occurring at about the eight-day mark.

Sherrie S.

I have been using Vital Reds for about three months now, and I am very impressed with the way I feel throughout my long working hours. I work from 2 pm - midnight seven days a week. Most of the time I will work 13 days straight and have one day off, and do it all over again! I have been drinking Vital Reds with one scoop into a half of a bottle of water at 1 pm and then at 8 pm, and I feel great. I have lots of energy. Heck, it is 3 am and I am up doing laundry and cleaning my house after working 11 hours today! This is a very good product.

Raymond S.